Trenton’s Guide to Love, Riches and Blacksmithing

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Writing in his unique style, Trenton covers everything you’ll need to get started with you with metal forge work.   Starting with obtaining your first tools and building your first dirt-box forge, Trenton takes you through the fundamental techniques of forging iron and tells a few good stories about the shop and his mentor Jay Reakirt along the way. This is a must-read for any new smith, and a great look at some new techniques for the experienced smith too.

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A beginner’s introduction to the craft of the blacksmith, this book goes step by step to show the beginner SPECIFIC projects that are easy on the pocket book and hard to beat!

This is Trenton’s first book on blacksmithing! This book not only present’s the basics of the craft in a clear and understandable manner but will leave you in stitches with stories from the forge. This book has plenty of FULL COLOR photographs and step by step projects. Learn to build an anvil stump from local materials, construct the dirt box forge for little to no money, and then get to hammering! Also included are several insanely funny stories about Trent’s mentor, Jay Pinnamore Reakirt, and the antics that went on in Andersonville, Georgia when Trent was just learning the trade. The book contains subject material that is not suited for polite company or sobriety!

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2 reviews for Trenton’s Guide to Love, Riches and Blacksmithing

  1. Kyle (verified owner)

    Love it! Great blending of good information and humor. Perfect for a beginner.

    • Jordan

      Thanks Kyle! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it!

  2. Laynne Burnett (verified owner)

    I pulled it from the mail box at 2 and finished reading it at 6. Good read, great presentation.

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