Trade Knife 7″ Fighter


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These trade knives are based on historical designs used in the frontier days of America. They are made from 1080 with a differential temper (the spine has been drawn all the way to the tip), the handles are Southern Pecan (near identical to hickory), and have the traditional nitric acid stain of the old Kentucky rifles. They come with a top grain leather sheath that we make in house. These are good using blades. Now, I wanted to have some knives out there that carried my stamp and that didn’t cost my supports five hundred bucks a pop. These blades are 100.00. How did I do it? You know when you order a rare steak and instead of saying “rare” you tell the waiter to wipe the cow’s butt and bring it out it on a plate? That’s how you get this great price. The finish is as rough as the mountains these knives once roamed.  The handles are properly fit and comfortable without any burrs. Beyond that, we have wiped their butts and put them in a box. As with anything we sell, if you are not happy with them, we will make it right. Thank you folks for looking.


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