Purgatory 2 lb. Blacksmith’s Double Flat Hammer


After much tweaking and reworking, we are proud to present the first in a line of Purgatory Hammers. The two pound, double flat hammer is one that will last you a lifetime. Forged from 4140 steel, these hammers are hand crafted, and hardened to exacting standards and perched atop a very unique oil impregnated pecan wood handle.

Lead time: Due to current volume of orders, these hammers typically ship in 5-10 business days.

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Here it is folks! This hammer is a far cry from our prototypes as we have ironed out so many of the kinks. Superior fit of the handle to the eye, proper alignment, and of course, that super awesome pecan handle! First, the hammer head itself is made from reclaimed fork lift tines, verified by an x-ray gun to be 4140. We cut and reforge them all individually, right here in the shop. Properly hardened and tempered to 42 Rockwell, they should give you a lifetime of excellent service. They come deeply stamped with the Purgatory Logo and a sequential number. Both faces are flat but can be easily ground to accommodate your preference.
NOW, lemme tell you about the awesome handle on this guy. I am so super proud to offer these Domestic Pecan handles for sale! Pecan (PEE-CAN)(Carya illinoinensis) is the first cousin to the hickory tree; from a durability and toughness standpoint, the two are identical. We harvest our pecan from the neighbor’s yard in the dark of night (Thank you Hurricane Michael). The wood is quarter-sawn and kiln dried right here in the shop. We then do something that is unique to our shop: In the old days, handles were shipped in casks of linseed oil. As they soaked over the years, the wood became saturated and made a handle that was far more resistant to breakage. The wood would never dry out and become brittle. We have duplicated this process in the shop by using a vacuum system to draw the oil deep into the wood, making a beautiful and extremely durable handle. Each handle is finished with a wood burned signature just before it leaves the shop.

Additional information

Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 2 in


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