Oil Stabilized Pecan Wood Hammer Handles


15″ Pecan (PEE-CAN)(Carya illinoinensis) hammer handle. Sized to fit our 2 lb double flat hammer, and should fit most hammers in that size range.

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I am so super proud to offer these Domestic Pecan handles for sale! Pecan (PEE-CAN)(Carya illinoinensis) is the first cousin to the hickory tree; from a durability and toughness standpoint, the two are identical. We harvest our pecan from the neighbor’s yard in the dark of night (Thank you Hurricane Michael). The wood is quarter-sawn and kiln dried right here in the shop. We then do something that is unique to our shop: In the old days, handles were shipped in casks of linseed oil. As they soaked over the years, the wood became saturated and made a handle that was far more resistant to breakage. The wood would never dry out and become brittle. We have duplicated this process in the shop by using a vacuum system to draw the oil deep into the wood, making a beautiful and extremely durable handle. Each handle is finished with a wood burned signature just before it leaves the shop.

Additional information

Weight .63 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 15 in


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