2 lb. Knife Maker’s Hammer (Straight Peen) Version 1.0


After the successful launch of our double flat hammer, we are proud to present our third expansion to the Purgatory Hammer line. The two pound, Straight Peen hammer is one that will last you a lifetime. Forged from 4140 steel, these hammers are hand crafted, and hardened to exacting standards and perched atop a very unique oil impregnated pecan wood handle.


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Our first straight peen hammer offering, this 2lb hammer is made from 4140 steel, heat treated to 40-45 Rockwell. The straight peen hammer is normally used by knife makers to help in drawing out bar stock for blade making and works well in a variety of general smithing projects too! The orientation of the peen allows you to easily stretch a metal bar in order to thin it. Also used for texturing the edges of bars, this is an all around hammer everyone should have in their tool box. Weighing in at 2 Lbs, its a good weight that will allow you to move plenty of steel but not so heavy that it blows your arm out. All of these hammers are equipped with our custom oil stabilized pecan handles and are stamped with “PURGATORY” and a serial number. Each handle comes to you personally signed by Trent!

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Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 2 in


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