Patreon Helps, A LOT!

I have never been one comfortable with asking for money without returned a specific quantity of -something- in exchange.  Call it the craftsman nature in me. At any rate, I’ve had to make an effort to get over that and Patreon has been the most important thing to that. Why? Because it gave me “bosses” to answer to. I look at my Patreons as share holders in my company and it is on their hard earned money that I get to do my work. I regularly ask their direction and they have a profound influence on what direction the channel takes. The Link below takes you to Patreon where you can sign up with Paypal or a credit card, you know the drill. I have a whole lot of folks that just give a dollar a month and they are as appreciated as the folks that give more. I am honored and humbled by the fact people are willing to support me and I take the responsibility very seriously. I hope to have you aboard.