House Rules

Below are the house rules and expectations for those attending our Blacksmithing Classes.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Smoking Policy

There is absolutely NO SMOKING in our cabins or shower houses. Ther is also no smoking allowing -inside- of any of our buildings, especially during class times. If you do smoke, we have plenty of fresh space outside!

Check in/ Check out

As a general rule, check-in/check-out time is 11 AM. Of course, we can make any special arrangement needed as long as you give us appropriate notice.

Extra night’s stay

We are happy to host our students an extra night or two! Rooms are 75.00 a night and that does include the same awesome breakfast we offer for class times.

Pet Policy

As much as we love our fur babies, our general stance is no pets. Exceptions can be made in certain circumstances but we require you to work that out with us in advance. Please do not show up with your pets unannounced!

Bad Behavior

We encourage our guests to enjoy themselves and take advantage of the comradery after hours. Guests are welcome to enjoy a drink and socialize. However, as with any of these situations, we ask that all parties act responsibly. If, through alcohol or otherwise, you are found to create a problem for the other guests, your class will be cancelled and you will be asked to leave IMMEDIATELY. We will arrange escort if needed. There will be no debate or discussion once the call has been made, you will be leaving, vertically if under your power, horizontally if by ours. The comfort and enjoyment of our guests is paramount. Please do not test the good nature of your 260 pound host/gorilla.

Quiet hours

Though we seem to stay up far later than anyone should, we ask that late night revelers observe a 10 PM quiet time for the sake of any other guests that may be turning in like sensible people. You are free to continue merry making, just make sure its far enough away from the bunk house as not to unduly disturb the responsible adults.

Kitchen and Laundry

Should you get the munchies in the middle of the night, guests have full access to the kitchen and refrigerator in the main house. Please helps yourself, treat it as if it were your home. Laundry facilities are also available should you need them.

Refund Policy/Cancellation

We will refund 50% of your fee should you need to cancel. If you wish to reschedule, you will receive credit for non-refunded portion as long as you rebook within 6 months!

Bath House Facilities

In addition to two restrooms, our bath house sports three showers, two indoor and one outdoor. The two indoor showers can be used at any time and have standard shower heads. However, if you wish to use our custom made, super awesome copper rainhead shower, please make sure that no one else is using the inside shower. The copper shower uses -all- of the water and you will starve out everyone else trying to bathe. Please shoot for quieter times to enjoy the awesome outdoor shower.

How to Lock the doors

All of our doors have traditional Suffolk latches on them. In order to lock the door you will see a small metal wedge attached to a string hanging from the door frame. Simply slide this wedge over the inside door latch and Voila!, locked door!

Towels and Toiletries

If you forgot something at home, we have complimentary, soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and ladies needs. Just ask!
Towels and wash clothes are stored on the shower room shelves. If you need extra, help yourself!

Timer Switches

All bathrooms and showers are equipped with timer switches that let the room vent for a few minutes after use. Just turn knob clockwise about a quarter turn and walk away!



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