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After years of planning and effort, I am happy to announce that classes at Purgatory have arrived! All classes are currently two days in length. We are happy to discuss custom classes for more advanced students. We are offering classes May through September. We will have a hand full of scheduled times but most classes will be booked a la carte. Classes can be booked on weekdays or weekends with no change in price. The class must be fully filled with four students and if you do not have the full number of people, we will put the word out and try and find some forge buddies to make it a go!

Intro Classes

Our introductory classes are designed to get you familiar with blacksmithing, the tools required and some hands-on experience in the forge.

Introduction To Blacksmithing

This two day class is designed with the traditional crafter in mind. If you are looking to get started in hardware and pure forging, this class is for you. This course is meant to be a broad stroke education with focuses on tooling, forging techniques, and firing up in your back yard. Day one will be spent primarily on class time and theory while day two will see everyone in the forge making small items such as Wall hooks and barbeque forks!.

Join our July 27-28 Introduction To Blacksmithing Class

Introduction to Knife Making

For those of you wanting to dive right into making your own forged blades, this class will get you started. Day one will focus on steel selection, forging, and heat treatment. Day two will cover basic construction methods with a focus on full tangs. By the end of the class, the student will have complete at least one fully finished knife.

Join our June 29-30 Introduction To Knife Making Class 

Project Classes

Our project classes focus on specific items and workshop time. If you have a bit of backyard skill and want to have the chance to really dive into making things for the house and home, these classes are for you! These items have been gracing our sale tables for years and are staples of any blacksmith!

Campfire Hardware

This class includes several projects with the camper and reenactor in mind. This class covers a large and small tripod, a “combo” rack (a tripod that comes apart and can be used as a line rack), a full sized line rack, folding trivet, S-hooks and trammels!

Join our July 20-21 Campfire Hardware Class

Door Hardware

Few things are more iconic in blacksmithing than fine door hardware. This class will cover hinges and hinge making, both Norfolk and Suffolk latches (there is a difference), slide latches, and gate latches. There will be a significant focus on the mechanisms behind the Norfolk and Suffolk latches.

Join Our Door Hardware Class – Dates TBA

Railroad Spike Knives

Ahh, the bane of knife makers everywhere. And yet, the RR spike knife is one of the most recognized and coolest curio’s for budding knife makers everywhere! This class will not only take you through the basics of making a standard spike knife but several handle variations as well. You will learn about and have the chance to make, :Standard Twist, Reverse twist, Rubik’s Twist, Pineapple Twist, and the super neat Dragon scale twist! Several blade styles and techniques will also be explored, along with learning about the specific tongs needed for the work.

Join our July 6-7 Railroad Spike Knife Extravaganza Class

BBQ Tools and Cooking Hardware

Nothing is quite as awesome as whipping out your own hand made BBQ tools to impress all the ladies at your cookout! This two day class will cover all the accoutrements of an awesome grill set up. Forks, spatulas, ladles, steak flippers, and tongs in several varieties will all be covered. The class will examine the simplest forms and then go on to look at more complex handles, such as the birdcage, the flat braid handle, and the exquisite stacked braid handle. The student should walk away with at least one basic set and a few much fancier versions as well

Join our July 13-14 BBQ Tools and Cooking Hardware Class



Cost is $750.00 per person with a minimum of 4 people per class. 50% due on booking, remainder due on arrival. See Our Accommodations and House Rules.



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