Trenton Tye

Trenton Tye has been a professional blacksmith for over 20 years and runs Purgatory Ironworks, a Smithy in Southwest Georgia.  He is available to appear in a variety of capacities on your show or at your event.

Performance Blacksmith

Trent has been an active performing Blacksmith for the past  20 years.  He makes regular appearances at the Georgia National Fair in Perry GA, and Victorian Christmas in Thomasville GA. He travels with a traditional style forge wagon, and all the tools necessary to demonstrate his craft.

He is available to perform or act as the site Blacksmith at large events including (but not limited to) State Fairs, Renaissance Fairs, and Reenactment events.

Television and Media

Trent has spent a lot of time in front of the camera. After 12 years of regular appearances on YouTube he was a contestant on the History Channel’s Forged in Fire. In 2018 he was a host for the inaugural season of Discovery Channel’s Master of Arms.

Trent has been the subject of numerous radio and television interviews about the shows, traditional Blacksmithing and the technology behind reforging peanut blades. He continues to provide interviews and would be happy to discuss an appearance on your show.

Keynote Speaker

If you’re looking for a dynamic and engaging Keynote Speaker for your event Trenton can speak on a variety of topics.  Following, are a few topics that he’s passionate about, and he would happily discuss the opportunity to speak to your group about these and other topics.

  • The Business of non-profits [501(c)(3)]
  • Financial crises in the non-profit world
  • The business of musuems
  • Bringing economic development to rural areas
  • Traditional craft as a business
  • Small business in rural America
  • The business side of YouTube

Classes and Education

Trenton has dedicated himself to teaching the craft of blacksmithing through his youtube channel and public demonstrations.  He also teaches in-person to individuals and groups around the United States, and worldwide.  Please contact Trent directly to discuss your training needs!

Non-Profit Crisis Advisory

With a variety of experience in resolving sensitive situations where financial misconduct has occurred, Trenton is available to assist non-profit organizations in financial and organizational crises, especially in situations resulting from employee or director malfeasance.  


To discuss an appearance on your show, or at your event, please contact Trent directly for more information and his availability.



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